I’m really fucking loving the resurgence of cool 80’s vibe these days. DREAMCAR just released their debut album and it is igniting all of the retro vibrations in my heart. This album, combined with my newest obsession, the comic book Deadly Class, is just putting me in this ridiculous awesome 80’s mindset. All I need now is a pile of milky white cocaine.

If you aren’t aware, DREAMCAR is a supergroup formed of the musicians from No Doubt and Davey Havok, the lead singer of AFI and Blaqk Audio. This album might fit his Oingo Boingo-esque vocals more than any of his other bands. It’s just great dark synthy dance rock.


Mansionz has released the best pop album that I’ve heard in a very long time and for some reason it is getting zero attention. What makes this extra surprising is that the duo is made of producer/songwriter Blackbear, who has worked on a few hits, most notably Bieber’s song Boyfriend, and Mike Posner, who is a the singer/songwriter of Cooler Than Me and one of the most overplayed songs of 2016, I Took A Pill in Ibiza.

Now, I might be a bit biased in that I already think Mike Posner is one of the absolutely most undervalued pop singer/songwriters of this generation. I find his songs to be incredibly introspective and dynamic. He’s an interesting character who supposedly didn’t handle the money and fame that he received after finding initial success nearly a decade ago, selling off his luxury cars and whatnot to live the life of a pauper. And now, he finds himself richer than ever with one of the biggest hits of the year along with numerous writing credits for other pop stars, including, Bieber’s Boyfriend. Yes, that is where he and Blackbear became buddies. Continue reading “Mansionz”